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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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How to Make Your Laptop Secure

Topic Article "How to Make Your Laptop Secure"

How to Keep Your Laptop Secure
You think of your self as a member of the mobile elite. You are connected 24 hours a day seven days a week and you are proud of it. The last thing that you need is to be shutdown due to a compromised laptop. The security of your laptop should be of the utmost importance since it is your life line to your business. Here are some tips to keep

that device safe and clean from malicious software.

I can never stress it enough; you must have a firewall enabled at all times. It is what will prevent 90% of your issues. No matter what form of connection you are using, it could be the wired hotel connection or the wireless at the airport. You must use some sort of firewall. At the least if you are using the windows integrated firewall you will protect your self from inbound connections. If you are interested in an additional layer of security you can use a third party firewall. Comodo makes an impressive free firewall that will also allow you to monitor outbound connections. Another common issue I find is users who either tether there cell phone to their laptop or use a WWAN card forget that this connection is the same as being connected to a hotel wireless connection. Remember no matter what you are doing you should have the firewall enabled.

File Encryption
If you are on the road, keep your files encrypted. It protects your information if the laptop is ever lost. If encrypting and decrypting files constantly is an issue you can easily use PGP Enterprise’s Secure Disk function. It will create a virtual encrypted disk that is presented to windows as a local disk drive. The drive is actually a file that contains all of your documents that you save within the virtual drive.

Whole Disk Encryption
If a basic encryption of your files is not enough or your laptop contains sensitive settings such as VPN connection profiles, I recommend encrypting the entire disk drive. There are a number of software packages that can perform this function. A very comprehensive list including a feature comparison can be found here. Full Disk Encryption


You must keep your system up to date on the latest security patches, especially when moving your laptop between access points. A desktop PC will never come into contact with the number of different devices that your laptop will. Every Friday night run windows update and upgrade to the latest security releases.

Source : Blake Wiedman


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