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Sunday, September 14, 2008

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How to hack into Blogger

Topic Article "How to hack into Blogger"

Online weblog publishing service Blogger has introduced its customers to the art of hacking so they can customise their templates.

Blogger, the service owned by Google, was given a revamp in May to make it easier for both users and weblog visitors to share their views online.

Yesterday Blogger employee Graham Waldon explained how simple Blogger "hacks" can give you more control over your blog's appearance or settings. For example, you might want to put your list of archive entries into a drop-down menu, stick in a bit of JavaScript to change the order of your entry links or tweak the look of your template with HTML.

"Take the red pill, Neo, and I'll show you how deep the rabbit role goes," said Graham in the article published on Blogger Knowledge. "Not evil, breach-of-security type hacks, of course... Hacks for the good guys."

If you're prepared to experiment, check out the Blogger Knowledge database at www.blogger.com/knowledge. Graham wisely advises potential hackers to save a copy of their original template files first.

To see what's possible, take a look at http://sacrificezone.blogspot.com/

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